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Glenn McCracken


Glenn McCracken is a Licensed Counselor and physical trainer. In addition to his counseling practice, he has 12 years of experience in the Fitness industry. Glenn's services include personal and group training, counseling, wellness and nutrition consulting, online exercise programming, and public speaking. Exercise began as a coping mechanism for his tumultuous adolescence, but soon grew into a way for him to nurture and care for his body and spirit. Since then he has been striving to live his life as an integrated, balanced, and whole being.

Glenn is an AFAA personal trainer, Strong First certified coach, licensed counselor, and has completed Balanced Body's Reformer 1 course.

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Kecia McCracken


Kecia McCracken came to the fitness world via horticulture, massage, and yoga. She has been teaching group classes since 2009, and practicing yoga since 2006. She has learned along the way that attention is crucial to growing something - whether it's a plant, baby, or movement practice! Kecia's loves working with people who are interested in a whole-body mindfullness approach to their movement, whether it's to complete a heavy deadlift or to come back from giving birth. Her gift is helping beginners find their way back into their fitness goals!

Kecia is a StrongFirst certified Kettlebell instructor, and a 500ryt from the Circle Yoga Shala. She has completed the Balanced Body Reformer 1 course.


Claire Admire

Marketing & Communications, Trainer, Group Instructor

Claire is a trainer and yoga teacher, and uses her background in marketing and design to help us keep our social media fresh! She was a nationally-ranked athlete in high school, but her love for personal training and weightlifting didn't begin until college, when she started working for a gym and training for Miss Arkansas. It wasn't until graduate school that she realized "working out" wasn't addressing her other lifestyle issues. She began practicing yoga as a way to manage her depression and anxiety, and it transofrmed her life. She believes that exercise should feed the body and the mind, and loves bringing the joy factor to her sessions!

Claire received her 200 hour yoga teacher training from the Circle Yoga Shala, and is currently finishing their 500 hour program. She is trained in Reformer 1 through Balanced Body.


Nicole McBride

Trainer, Nutrition Coach, Group Instructor

Nicole's passion for health and fitness began at an early age with competitive sports. It was during her time as a college athlete that she noticed she struggled with weightloss and health, even though she worked out constantly. After learning how to make nutrition and exercise work for her body, she made the leap to sharing her passions wtih others as a personal trainer and nutrition coach. She is extremely dedicated not only to her clients, but also to meeting her own personal training goals. She loves working with people who are interested in losing weight and gaining strength - heavy lifting is her specialty!

Nicole is a ACSM certified personal trainer, and has completed the Precision Nutrition Level 1 certification and StrongFirst Barbell certification.

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Taylor McClain

Trainer, Group Instructor

Taylor was heavily involved in dancing and cheerleading during high school, and never had issues maintaing a healthy body. It wasn’t until college when she noticed her metabolism wasn’t quite what it used to be. Frustrated, she began researching how to lose weight, but quickly became overwhelmed by the plethora of fad diets and nutrition advice online. It was by an amazing chance that Taylor met Glenn and Kecia and was introduced to SparkFit. Her passion for group fitness, exercise and community shines on and off the SparkFit floor. As a member turned coach, Taylor brings a unique experience for all SparkFit members who take her classes. Whether it is your first class or your hundredth class – she has been in your shoes.

Taylor is currently training to obtain her SFG1 Kettle bell certification.


Rebecca Webber

Business Manager, Assistant Group Instructor

Rebecca Webber received her MPS from the Clinton School of Public Service, and brings a tremendous amount of passion for community and organization to her role at SparkFit! We can count on her to keep things running smoothly, and to listen attentively and compassionately to all of our clients' needs. Rebecca was a lifelong soccer player, and loves hiking with her dogs and husband.


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