Meet Our Trainers


Glenn mccracken

Founder and Personal Trainer

I am a Licensed Counselor recognized by the Arkansas Board of Examiners in Counseling (A1406080). In addition to my counseling license, I have over 12 years in the Fitness Industry and currently maintain a personal training certification from AFAA, a Pilates Reformer Level 1 certification from Balance Bodies.  I have also achieved a Russian Kettlebell certification from Russian Kettlebell Club. Services that I provide are but are not limited to: Counseling, Personal Training, Wellness & Nutritional Consultations, Public Speaking, Educational Presentations and Online Exercise Programming and Accountability.

In the beginning exercise did not start as a choice, it started as a positive coping strategy to manage my tumultuous adolescent life. In fact, I had never exercised other than to play sports before I was given a Billy Blanks Tai Bo video the summer after my 8th grade year. I was still in rehab and had been hardening my heart for three years to the point where I felt no emotion. But something happened the first time I used that tape; Billy Blanks broke me down in a puddle of sweat and tears and my life has never been the same!  Up to that point, I felt as though I was unworthy of love and care and therefore I did not love or care about myself. The truth is, I hated everything about myself.

 Getting connected to exercise and my physical body gave me an outlet for self care and avenue to learn and grow.  In the beginning, though, my physical body received all of the attention and I continued to neglect my internal self.  But the experience of healing in the physical body eventually led me to an opening of the spirit and the mind, as well. I was able to think more clearly and truly CARE about all aspects of myself! Since then, it has been a continuous process of becoming an integrated, balanced and whole being.  Learning to respond to myself in a compassionate way during this process, has given me the gift of empathy and compassion to work with others in a similar way.  This gift is the foundation for the love and passion I have for my work.


Brad hamilton

Personal Trainer, SFG 1

I have been a Personal Trainer for almost 11 years.  For the past 9 years I’ve held the SFG Kettlebell Instructor Certification (formerly RKC), and am the first and only person in central Arkansas to attain this advanced level certification. As an Assistant Team Leader for StrongFirst, I have also helped to certify other kettlebell instructors all over the country.

I’ve competed in many sports throughout my life, including soccer, golf, basketball, and tennis. My recent accomplishments include competing on the hit show American Ninja Warrior, and placing in the top 1% of the obstacle course race, Conquer the Gauntlet.  Over the past 15 years I’ve lovingly competed in the arena of fatherhood, which I believe should probably be an Olympic event... He also fancies himself a spider monkey trapped in a man's body.

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Nicole McBride

Fitness and Nutrition Coach

My passion for health and fitness began during my childhood through participation in softball and volleyball. I pursued my love for softball and walked on to a DII collegiate team, however, that ended right before the season started. Though I did not move forward with softball, I continued to pursue my education and kept up with my passion for being active. Throughout college, I continued to be active and loved empowering others to just move! However, despite my intense bouts of physically activity throughout college, they were erratic and I found I had adopted the ideology of "I can eat whatever I want because I worked out today!" Food has always been a passion of mine (I would even say it builds up a distinct part of who I am, I love to eat!), but it had spiraled out of control. At the end of graduate school, I found myself extremely unhappy with my health, overweight, and had a huge disconnect between how I viewed myself vs. what I saw in the mirror. A breaking point of mine was when my doctor sat me down and talked to me about my increasing weight and the negative impact it was having on my health. I couldn't believe it because that same day I had run 3 miles! Again, my exercise regiment at the time was inconsistent and relied too much on intensity rather than strategy. I had to face what I was pretending to not realize and I finally decided to take control of my health. I realized the biggest thing that needed to change was what I was eating and how I was eating. Slowly over time, I started to not only implement small changes to my nutrition, but also to my exercise regiment, sleeping habits, and mental health. While nutrition was the biggest hurdle for me, I credit a large part of my continuing life transformation to the collaborative effort put forth in all four of these areas. Everyday I strive to be my best self and while I am not always successful, I focus on progress rather than perfection.


Altogether, I have realized that in times of great darkness, gaining a sense of control over my health has been the consistent thing that has provided me with light and given me the confidence to overcome whatever obstacle is in my way. It is a passion of mine to help others begin their journey to becoming their best self. I hope to empower others to make choices in their nutrition, activity, and other areas of their life that resonate with who they are and who they want to be. Change is hard and we will fail, but rather than fear failure, we must expect it. Putting in a little bit of effort each day and keeping things simple will get you on the path to success.