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Glenn McCracken

Co-Owner / Personal Trainer / Counselor / Circuit & Pilates Fusion Teacher

Licensed Counselor, AFAA Personal Trainer Certified, SFG-1, Pilates Reformer Level 1

I am a Licensed Counselor recognized by the Arkansas Board of Examiners in Counseling (A1406080). In addition to my counseling license, I have over 12 years in the Fitness Industry. Services that I provide are but are not limited to: Counseling, Personal Training, Wellness & Nutritional Consultations, Public Speaking, Educational Presentations and Online Exercise Programming and Accountability.

In the beginning exercise did not start as a choice, it started as a positive coping strategy to manage my tumultuous adolescent life. In fact, I had never exercised other than to play sports before I was given a Billy Blanks Tai Bo video the summer after my 8th grade year. I was still in rehab and had been hardening my heart for three years to the point where I felt no emotion. But something happened the first time I used that tape; Billy Blanks broke me down in a puddle of sweat and tears and my life has never been the same!  Up to that point, I felt as though I was unworthy of love and care and therefore I did not love or care about myself. The truth is, I hated everything about myself.

 Getting connected to exercise and my physical body gave me an outlet for self care and avenue to learn and grow.  In the beginning, though, my physical body received all of the attention and I continued to neglect my internal self.  But the experience of healing in the physical body eventually led me to an opening of the spirit and the mind, as well. I was able to think more clearly and truly CARE about all aspects of myself! Since then, it has been a continuous process of becoming an integrated, balanced and whole being.  Learning to respond to myself in a compassionate way during this process, has given me the gift of empathy and compassion to work with others in a similar way.  This gift is the foundation for the love and passion I have for my work.

Before Glenn I had never worked with a trainer. To say that he’s changed my preconception would be an understatement – And frankly, the word ‘trainer’ doesn’t do him justice. He is consultative, dynamic, sincere, holistic and prescriptive – He goes beyond training to ensure that his clients LEARN how to move safely and healthily. He has truly honed his craft and provides a level of service that’s unmatched. I hope to always have Glenn as my fitness guru! He really is exceptional.
— Lindsay Carter


Kecia McCracken

Co-Owner / Personal Trainer / Pilates & Circuit fusion Teacher / Yoga Teacher

500 RYT, SFG-1, Pilates Reformer Level 1


I graduated from the U of A in Fayetteville in 2006 and hold a BSA in Horticulture. I’m a 500-hour certified Yoga Teacher, trained by Matthew and Holly Krepps of Circle Yoga Shala in Jasper, Arkansas, where I also lived and apprenticed for a year. I have experience teaching individual and group classes since 2009.  In 2013, I graduated from Touching America Massage Therapy School in Maumelle, Arkansas. My most proud accomplishment, however, is being the mother of a bright and rambunctious two-year-old, named Olive.

As a mother, a horticulturist and yoga practitioner, I’ve learned that attention is crucial to growing something well, whether it is a baby, a plant or a movement practice. I first began nurturing a consistent yoga practice in 2006, when I moved to Little Rock. I was physically ill with an autoimmune disorder and almost debilitated by anxiety. My physical issues were the catalyst for beginning in Yoga; however, with the consistency of practice, I realized that it was my mind that was being the most profoundly influenced. The ongoing and ever-evolving gifts of Yoga in my life are tools to develop my attention as a path of inquiry into my thoughts, emotions and internal disposition. I now live a life that is thriving.

Placing one's attention on breath and physical movements, linking them together in a felt connection, brings stability and ease internally, no matter if you are in a challenging yoga posture or a challenging life situation. Overall, yoga provides a framework to practice the honesty and compassion required to be with yourself in the present moment, exactly as you are and exactly as life is. It is my sincere desire to be at peace with reality and to live in this world as a congruent being. My personal practice motivates my desire to teach others the foundations of a mindfulness practice so that we may all be free from the suffering of our minds and collectively awaken as human beings. I have a heart for teaching beginning students, restorative classes, and classes designed especially for busy mommas!

As a ‘Baby Boomer’ moving rapidly upward in my senior years I am more committed than ever to maintaining the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual vitality that ensure full enjoyment of those years. Kecia’s special spirit of serenity and obvious dedication to the principals of a sound mind and body shone through her...she leads us through routines that emphasize balance, muscle tone, flexibility and connection between brain, body and spirit, and she does it with grace and joy. I love her!”
— Christine Harris


 Nicole McBride

Personal Trainer / Nutrition Coach / Circuit Fusion Teacher

ACSM-CPT, SFL, Precision Nutrition Level 1


My passion for health and fitness began by participating in sports as a kid. I pursued my love for softball and walked on to a DII collegiate team, however, that ended right before the season started. Though I did not move forward with softball, I continued to pursue my education and kept up with my passion for being active and weightlifting throughout college. My educational pursuits immersed me in the world that is academic clinical research and taught me the value of attention to detail and outcome based decision making. At the end of graduate school, I found myself extremely unhappy with my health and had a huge disconnect with how I viewed myself vs. what I saw in the mirror. I had put so much focus on my academic career and education that I, unknowingly to me, had consequently put my health on the back burner. A breaking point of mine was when my doctor sat me down and talked to me about my weight. I couldn't believe it because that same day I had run 3 miles! I had to face what I was choosing to ignore. I finally decided to take control of my health. I realized the biggest thing that needed to change was what I was eating and how I was eating. Slowly over time, I started to implement small changes to my nutrition and also to my physical activity, sleeping habits, and mental health. I focus on progress rather than perfection and I aspire to help others begin their journey to becoming their best self.

When it comes to improving our health, mind, and body, I truly believe in the power of how we’re fueling it AKA our daily nutrition. All of our actions, behaviors, and thoughts are fueled by what we feed our body. We all eat differently, we all have different bodies, and we all are at different stages in our health, so a key principle I have with my clients is individualized programming. I believe that meeting them at THEIR starting point and building from there is fundamental for success. I take a holistic and outcome based approach (thank you research skills!) when it comes to programming. I coach others to make nutrition choices that aligns with their goals and resonates with who they are and who they want to be. I don’t believe in quick fixes, good or bad foods, magic supplements, or the existence of a best diet. I coach nutrition skills and habits to help others look and feel better FOR LIFE.

Nicole met me where I was at physically. She sincerely asked me where I wanted to be....and WHY!!! And together we crafted a tailored health plan and timeline to realistically achieve my goals. She is not just my trainer - she is my dedicated Goals Coach
— Susan Screeton


Claire Admire

Pilates Fusion Teacher / Yoga teacher / Trainer

200 RYT, Balanced Bodies Pilates Reformer 1


Like many people born in the pre-smartphone era, I grew up enjoying an active lifestyle full of sports, movement, and running around neighborhoods. I focused my energy on swimming and sailing, and competed on both the state and national level while in high school. Rather than pursuing any of these sports through college, I turned to competing in the Miss Arkansas pageant to earn scholarships and pursue my love of singing. It was during these competitions that I had my first experience working with a personal trainer, and I quickly fell in love with the dynamics of one-on-one coaching. I’ll never forget the difference it made for me to have a partner in my fitness journey, and this is how I want each of my clients to view me: as a partner in the process.

My first exposure to personal training was brief, but sparked a much longer passion for fitness. I ravenously devoured “gym advice” and nutrition science where I could, but now that I was on my own I could tell something simply wasn’t working. Even though I was constantly on the go and working out all the time, I didn’t feel healthy at all, mentally or physically. My weight frequently swung back and forth, and I felt frustrated by the contradictory movement and nutrition information that I kept hearing. I had no idea how to tune into what my body needed me to do in order to make it well, and no idea how to keep myself sane during the whole process. Right on time, I found the practice of yoga, and my lifelong teachers and movement mentors, Matt and Holly Krepps. As I worked on myself with love and compassion (both inside and out) I watched in amazement as my overall wellness blossomed. Not only was my body becoming stronger, my diet was also changing, my depression and anxiety was clearing, my mind was settling, and my hope was growing.

I finished my 200 hour teacher training at the Circle Yoga Shala in 2017, and am currently in my 500 hour advanced teacher training. I completed my Balanced Bodies Reformer 1 training in October 2018 with Lisa Webb and am currently pursuing further Pilates education. My background in yoga, pilates, and athletic conditioning enables me to provide holistically-oriented and creatively blended training sessions. Whether you are a high-level athlete who needs recovery programming, or a new mom looking to strengthen your core, I can partner my undivided attention with you. I promise all my clients that they will feel seen and supported on their journey to wellness!

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Nicole Decker

Personal Trainer


Through movement I discovered how connected the mind, body and soul really are. Growing up I played all kinds of competitive sports only to find out I’m not that competitive. Cross Country running became my movement, meditation, and connection to self. I loved the unity and support of a team while being offered space for self growth and empowerment. I like setting personal goals, mental challenges, and pushing myself alongside the power of a team.  Nutrition and exercise became a way of life and from there I became a Personal Trainer. My workouts are creative, insightful and powerful. I combine bodyweight, balance, plyometric, and dynamic exercises supported by safe and sustainable alignment. Together, strength and control creates graceful movement. I love helping people discover their strength, connection and breath. 

After falling in love with serving others in such a powerful way, yoga found me. I completed my 500 hour YTT with Transcending Yoga in Swansboro, North Carolina. I will always be a student of the practice. Yoga provides me a place for tremendous growth, truth and connection. I show up to my mat and sometimes it stares right back, while other times it feels like home. I strive for balance, focus and understanding within the dance of the breath.

I am committed to guide those who want to find their inner magic. Who trust that change requires patience and process and see the beauty in the breakdowns in order to breakthrough. Through the practice of yoga and exercise I offer classes, workshops, one-on-one and group sessions to ignite a sense of purpose, clarity and spark to those on a journey through movement.

Nicole has given me the confidence and fitness knowledge I have been searching for to make my next marathon my best race yet. I am totally blind, and it takes a special teacher to provide the spoken and tactile feedback I’m looking for.
— Everett Elam