Strong First One Day Kettlebell Course
9:00 AM09:00

Strong First One Day Kettlebell Course

The StrongFirst Kettlebell Course is the most thorough and in-depth kettlebell training you can get in a single day. Developed by Pavel Tsatsouline and taught by some of our most qualified Instructors, it is the eight-hour kettlebell workshop—perfected.

We have identified the fundamentals of kettlebell training and built this Course around them. Students will be taught essential skills, techniques, and principles by a small group of SFG Instructors handpicked for their ability to teach. Students will come away from the Course being able to safely and effectively train with a kettlebell on their own—the StrongFirst way.

The StrongFirst Kettlebell Course is ideal for newcomers to the kettlebell and also those who have been training but want to refine and perfect their technique. In other words, this Course provides a valuable education for people of all levels who want to optimize their training.

Course will be taught by Derek Miller, SFG Team Leader and owner of Ballistic Fitness in Springdale, Arkansas. Learn more about him and his gym at


Course is 8 hours and is $299.



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Wim Hof Breathing with Paul Fajer
2:00 PM14:00

Wim Hof Breathing with Paul Fajer

Did you know your breath can heal your mind and your body? Having a good breathing practice is the start of any healthy life! Come spend 60 minutes learning the breathing technique developed by famed Swedish entrepreneur Wim Hof that has allowed him to break 26 world records! Rooted in science, backed by a decade of research data and repeatable results across a multitude of populations, Wim Hof breathing is sweeping the nation because it is the real deal!

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