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Moving in Four Dimensions: An Introduction to the Alexander Technique

We are designed to move with ease and power. This work teaches you how to use your conscious thinking to tap into this inner resource. In this state, the activities of living begin to flow with ease and clarity.

In this workshop, Clifford Hicks will show you how to observe yourself calmly, and become more aware of what happens when you move and sense the influence of habits of tension. You will learn to use conscious choice to replace unhelpful habits for greater ease of movement, and begin the process of applying these skills to any physical/mental activity.

“Using the Alexander Technique empowers me and gives me a balanced sense of tension rather than relying on creating tension to do something in order to produce a sound or an act that is preconceived. I realized that I cannot control a set of circumstances outside of myself so I can go on a journey relying on the state of mind and body that the Alexander Technique gives me.” Alan Rickman Actor

Cliff has been a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique for over 20 years and has taught private lessons and workshops all over the world. His students have included members of the Interlochen Arts Academy and members of the theater orchestra in Osnabrück, Germany. As a member the American Society for the Alexander Technique, Cliff has completed over 1600 hours of training and adheres to a code of professional conduct and continuing education . A native of Tennessee, Cliff has lived and taught in Michigan and Germany before moving to Benton, Arkansas, where he now resides with his wife, Bethany, and their three children, Ben, Sam and Emma.

Workshop Price: $30

Later Event: June 1
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