Meet Our Yoga Instructors


Kecia McCracken

Founder & Yoga Instructor

I graduated from the U of A in Fayetteville in 2006 and hold a BSA in Horticulture. I’m a 500-hour certified Yoga Teacher, trained by Matthew and Holly Krepps of Circle Yoga Shala in Jasper, Arkansas, where I also lived and apprenticed for a year. I have experience teaching individual and group classes since 2009.  In 2013, I graduated fromTouching America Massage Therapy School in Maumelle, Arkansas. My most proud accomplishment, however, is being the mother of a bright and rambunctious two-year-old, named Olive.

As a mother, a horticulturist and yoga practitioner, I’ve learned that attention is crucial to growing something well, whether it is a baby, a plant or a movement practice. I first began nurturing a consistent yoga practice in 2006, when I moved to Little Rock. I was physically ill with an autoimmune disorder and almost debilitated by anxiety. My physical issues were the catalyst for beginning in Yoga; however, with the consistency of practice, I realized that it was my mind that was being the most profoundly influenced. The ongoing and ever-evolving gifts of Yoga in my life are tools to develop my attention as a path of inquiry into my thoughts, emotions and internal disposition. I now live a life that is thriving.

Placing one's attention on breath and physical movements, linking them together in a felt connection, brings stability and ease internally, no matter if you are in a challenging yoga posture or a challenging life situation. Overall, yoga provides a framework to practice the honesty and compassion required to be with yourself in the present moment, exactly as you are and exactly as life is.

It is my sincere desire to be at peace with reality and to live in this world as a congruent being. My personal practice motivates my desire to teach others the foundations of a mindfulness practice so that we may all be free from the suffering of our minds and collectively awaken as human beings. I have a heart for teaching beginning students, restorative classes, and classes designed especially for busy mommas!


Claire Admire

Yoga Instructor, 200 RYT

My passion for movement began at an early age, and has been informed by a variety of disciplines. I spent a decade competing in swimming as well as open water sailing on a nationally ranked team before falling in love with the practice of yoga, both on and off the mat.

I received my 200 RYT in Dynamic Hatha Yoga from Matt and Holly Krepps at the Circle Yoga Shala. I believe that movement is one of the most incredible aspects of the human experience, and want all of my students to feel empowered in their bodies through their practice. I find inspiration for my group classes and clients not only in the yoga traditions, but in all modes of movement. 


Samantha Harrington 

Yoga Instructor, 500 RYT

I am a Little Rock native who grew up heavily involved in sports and the arts, including dancing, acting, and singing. Since the age of nine, I have been professionally performing with theaters such as the Arkansas Arts Center Children's Theatre, the Arkansas Repertory Theatre, Arkansas Shakespeare Theatre, and in New York, I've worked with a traveling Shakespeare company, Shake on the Lake. As a yoga teacher, I am heavily influenced by my extensive dance and movement background; I love the spirit of play and exploration that I've learned as a performer and have invited that into my teaching. Helping others to connect to their body, mind, and breath, and spreading joy is what I'm called to do. 

I received my 200 RYT certification in Vinyasa Yoga from Amanda Dee Smith at Sun Salute Studio in Torre de la Horadada, Spain in 2016, and my 500 RYT training with Matt & Holly Krepps at Circle Yoga Shala in September 2017. I have taught in New York and Spain, and am currently also teaching at Arkansas Yoga Collective. 


John Willis

Yoga Instructor

I came to yoga not as an athlete but as an injured musician seeking relief from chronic wrist, elbow, and shoulder problems. While providing relief from pain was definitely one of its early benefits, the physical and mental challenges and the self-awareness that I gained were really what made me stick around for more. I studied Iyengar yoga for a year before I met my teacher, Matthew Krepps, who was teaching and practicing the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga primary series at the time. As his teaching evolved over the years and his wife Holly also joined him as a teacher, they encouraged me to deepen my practice and become a teacher as well, completing my RYT-200 certification under their direction in the Dynamic Hatha Yoga method in 2007.

Yoga has taught me — and continues to teach me — better ways of moving, breathing, and relating to my body. I would say that the practice of yoga for over 16 years has informed and transformed basically every other activity in my life, from making music to weight training to meditating. My understanding and appreciation for this ancient yet ever-evolving practice grows as I continue to work with students, leading them to explore and engage the way they move, breathe, and relate in their bodies, challenging them and seeing their own transformation.


Samantha Cavagnaro

Physical Therapist, Yoga Instructor, DPT, RYT500

I am a licensed physical therapist and work with children and adults with physical and developmental disabilities. I am a Credentialed Clinical Instructor and have a passion for clinical teaching and mentoring to physical therapy students and residents. I am a registered yoga teacher at the 500 hour level and completed both my 200 hour and 500 hour-level trainings with Matthew and Holly Krepps at Circle Yoga Shala. I am currently working toward becoming a Certified Yoga Therapist. I am also on the teaching staff for the Yoga Therapy program at Circle Yoga Shala.

I am blessed by the teachers I have encountered along my journey and am humbled by the breadth of knowledge I have been exposed to both in my Western medical education, as well as, my yoga training. My yoga training and practice provides me a lense through which to learn about the body, mind and spirit like no other. I view my work as a physical therapist and yoga teacher as a life of service to assist others in developing internal awareness so they can have the potential to live a healthful and happy life.